FAQ Sellers

Is it important to certify my products on Chain?

Absolutely! Using the Blockchain traceability system gives more value to your food products. By including supply chain documents in Blockchain, you can guarantee Made in Italy excellence and have a huge competitive advantage.

What are EAT?

EATs are the digital currency created by Eatalico to generate assets and facilitate the certification of agri-food products on the Blockchain. Read more about cryptocurrencies and Ethereums at

What is the duration of your plans?

The duration of subscriptions is monthly and is scaled up, if you prefer, automatically from your account. You can replace your card details with another valid card at any time.

Can I change my subscription plan at a later date?

Certainly! You can choose to upgrade your subscription at any time. Compared to the Essentials Plan, the Premium Plan has great advantages for you!

Come posso pubblicare un articolo sul magazine di Eatalico?

Per pubblicare un articolo sul nostro magazine, hai due opzioni. Puoi accedere al gestionale del tuo account venditore e richiedere un articolo direttamente. In alternativa, puoi contattarci via email all'indirizzo info@eatalico.it e il nostro team si occuperà di tutto, dalla stesura alla pubblicazione dell'articolo.